My Signature Vegan Pasta Salad

pasta salad complete

Everyone loves a good pasta salad! Its a quick meal that is super simple to make and full of flavor. I remember my mother making a large pasta salad whenever she would entertain guest at our home as a kid. The zesty taste and colorful ingredients always had me going back for 2nds & 3rds!

Continue reading to see how I like to make my Signature Chef R.L.E Vegan Pasta Salad


*remember I like to use all organic products whenever and wherever I can!

Bell peppers

Fruits & Veggies:

6-10 Cherry Tomatoes,

1 yellow, orange, & green Bell Peppers,

1 Red & Green Onion,

1 Celery stock,

1 Cucumber,

1 can Black Olives


3tbs. of Veganaise

(*you may also use Just Mayo)

2 cups of Italian dressing

(*Add more if needed)

2 tbs. Earth Balance Butter Alternative

Follow your Heart Vegan Gourmet Cheddar Shreds


2 tbs. Sea salt

3 tbs. Black Pepper

3 tbs. Onion Powder

3 tbs. Garlic powder

A hint of freshly squeezed Lemon

1 box of your favorite Pasta (I personally like the Rotini Pastas)


Cook pasta according to its package directions. While the pasta is cooking now is the time to cut and mince your veggies! once the pasta is nice and tender rinse and drain them add Earth Balance butter alternative to the pasta after they have been drained then allow to cool for 5-10 minutes. Add in your cut up veggies, condiments, vegan cheddar shreds, and seasonings and stir everything together. Splash a hint of fresh lemon juice on top for a little added zest and there you go! Chef R.L.E Signature Pasta Salad!


What is your favorite pasta dish? Share with me in the comments below!

Until next time remember to put love in what you do because love conquers all

-Chef R.L.E

Creating Love One Plate At A Time


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